About spillway


This is about the 23nd version of this monstrosity of a website. This site started out as a found photo site back in the early neanderthal days of the internet. It was called the People’s Photos. It received a lot of attention which compromised the integrity of the experiment. 

I wanted to devise a multichannel framework that is not a linear up and down typical social media timeline. It's layers instead. Another issue was the appearance of responsive or mobile devices that ruined baroque classic web design for a desktop. Another issue was constant updates to javascript and compatibility. And another was processing power. WELL, ENOUGH EXCUSES!!! IT’S MAGICAL TECHNOLOGY WHICH HAS NO LIMITS! I recently told myself and recoded the entire thing. The time and hours you are awake have limits however. Paying the rent and coffee mental fuel has limits etc. So this took a long long time for this version.

Now what we have is a framework of multiple channels that operate in one field or pane. In this example there are five image, gif, and meme channels and two audio channels that play mp3s. All of them are draggable from the top of the channel object and resizable from the lower right corner. When you click on the small target icon, there is a random call to a specific database.

HOT TIP: If it’s hard to pick up a channel to drag, move the other ones below it in the pane vertically.

It would be great to eventually add a info contextual button for each random element, or even a way to control the z layer. Also a shuffle switch on the music players.

Each channel for this build have thematic designations:

Channel 1 - Classic Found photo channel from the original People’s Photos/Spillway

Channel 2 - Illusions or Psychedelic gifs

Channel 3 - A meme channel 

Channel 4 - Another meme channel

Channel 5 - Drawings with .png transparencies. 

Channel 6 (Audio) - Ambient and Nature Sounds

Channel 7 (Audio) - Musics

Of course the channels are endlessly scalable and their content could be almost infinite. 

Also, a scoring mechanism has been built in that counts clicking on targets. The highest I have gotten thus far  is about 800 points. You need to click on the yellow target in the upper left to refresh score. Much can be done with the scoring functionality in the future like opening up bonus channels at certain scores or even combining scores with certain dates or full moons. 

Using this framework to look through multiple archives or channels, you end up with about a million random moods, associations and juxtapositions. 

Like this spillway:

Or this spillway:

Or even this phone spillway:

Of course spillway works best on a very large screen with decent processing power. I have projected this version on a wall and I am quite pleased with it. I’ll be adding more databases and more objects in the databases. 

Njoy and email me your screenshot/spillways if you'd like.


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